Dive into Ohio's Waterways:

Empowering Education, Inspiring Inclusion, Ensuring Access

Our Mission

At On the Water Ohio (OTWO), our mission is to promote education, inclusion, and access to Ohio’s waterways. As a non-profit 501c3 organization, we are dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of the diverse aquatic ecosystems spanning from the Great Lakes to the Grand Rivers. We believe in providing opportunities for all individuals to engage with and enjoy Ohio’s water resources, while emphasizing the importance of conservation. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to empower communities to connect with and advocate for the sustainable management of our precious waterways.

We are advocates of all things water!

Maritime Shrink Wrap Recycling 

Working with Ohio Sea Grants initiative to aid in their efforts in post use recycling.

OTWO Pavilion

Our boat show education and resource area.

Beach & River Clean Up

Organized community environmental cleanups.

Connecting our Community

Programs and Events to connect our community with our greatest resource, water!

We will be posting our 2023 initiative details and dates soon!

Magic in the Water

The sun glistening against the rolling waves, and the warm breeze in the air can quickly remind you of the good times. A memory of your first sail along the shoreline; setting foot on a beach you once visited every summer; fishing with your siblings. The view of water can quickly bring a smile to your face. For those living in Northeast Ohio, we get to experience that magic almost every day with our view of beautiful Lake Erie. Pair our Great Lake with over 100 inland lakes and Ohio proves that water and magic, are never far away. Good vibes aside, our waterways also contribute to Ohio’s economic and social impact. The lakes, rivers, and streams serve as a means of transportation for goods, serve as a source of recreation and provide a natural habitat for many Ohio wildlife, creating jobs and conservation programs throughout the state. We’re proud of our waterways, and we hope you are too.


Lakes and Rivers in Ohio


Reasons to get on the water!

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Resource Links

Marine Charts

NOAA Electronic Marine Charts

Live Lake Cameras

Don’t miss the view.

Live Lake Cameras

Don’t miss the view.

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Ohio DNR State Parks and Watercraft

Virtual Safety Check

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Ohio Environmental Council

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